Gnome Expert 7


Gnome Expert 7- DMG stats


Tukilo is a middle aged gnome inventor. He was born in Port Morogo, but quickly learned that a cramped city is not the place for experiments and inventions. He headed west, looking for space, and found Coppleton. The community respects his experimentations and inventions, for he is quite helpful to them when they are building and in need of his skills in geometry and arithmetic. His black hair is long and wild, as is his goatee. He is rarely seen without his large foggy goggles, and is always wearing a coat full of pockets with small baubles and useful contraptions. After the fall of Coppleton, he escaped with Osallia, Gordo, and a few others, to the Soronneth Woods. From there, he’s been coming up with new ways to produce weapons and construct engines of war, in order to fight the Primevals and win the Agovian War.


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